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"Big Woods" Now Protected Forever

Landowners Marjorie and Darrell Amberson, with Project Manager Maggie Karschnia.Darrell and Marjorie Amberson recently realized a dream come true: permanently preserving their 79 acres along the north side of the Rush River in Sibley County, a few miles north of Le Seuer.

Their land lies within the Big Woods Ecological Subsection of the state. Historically, the predominant vegetation was hardwood forest, including red oak, sugar maple and American elm.  Today, only a small fraction of the “Big Woods” forests remain.

The Amberson's land includes grassland as well; both the hardwood forest and the grassland provides exceptional habitat for many species of wildlife and migratory birds.

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Minnesota Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment 5th Anniversary Celebration & Forum 

In 2008, Minnesotans from around the state successfully secured voters’ strong approval of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. However, that was just the beginning. The most difficult work began on the day after this historic legislation was passed to ensure that these additional financial resources for Minnesota's wildlife, water, parks and lands are wisely invested and create an outstanding outdoor legacy for future generations.

Is the Legacy Amendment money going to projects and programs as voters expected? To help answer that question, and to keep legislators, policy-makers and stakeholders informed and communicating, the Fifth Anniversary Celebration and Forum will include panel discussions by legislators, conservation leaders, and others on the status of Legacy projects, challenges encountered, and prospects for the future. The Forum will also provide participants the opportunity to ask questions of panel members and to meet and interact with the key leaders working to shape the Amendment’s destiny. Together, participants will explore and share how and where these investments are being made and what the public is getting for their dollars. Refreshments will be provided. 

Registration: $10. Details and RSVP. 

For additional questions, please call 651-221-0215 or email ikes@minnesotaikes.org.

When  Thursday, January 15, 2015
12 PM - 6 PM
Where  Minneapolis Marriott Northwest
7025 Northland Drive North
Brooklyn Park, MN  55428
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What does 'forever' really mean for conservation easements?

Often people who aren't familiar with conservation easements are a bit skeptical when we mention that our easements last forever.

Forever, as we are often told, it's a very long time.

But that's exactly the point: we're in the forever business. Minnesota Land Trust conservation easements last into perpetuity. Unlike some conservation programs you may hear about - for example, CRPs (Conservation Reserve Programs) - that have an end date, conservation easements last forever.

That's a big responsibility for the Minnesota Land Trust, one that we take seriously. It means that we are particular about the easements we complete. It means that we are rock-solid insistent on visiting every property - nearly 500 -  every single year to make sure the conservation values we set out to preserve are still intact.

And it means that we are working tirelessly to ensure that the Minnesota Land Trust is healthy enough to carry the weight of this responsibility long into the future:

  • We have the financial resources to steward every conservation easement into perpetuity.
  • We have gold-standard systems in place for every step of the easement process, including perpetual monitoring.
  • We have the people - staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, landowners, community members and partners - who are all committed to preserving Minnesota's treasured places.

Conservation easements have stood the test of time and have endured legal challenges intact. We're proud to work with hundreds of Minnesotans who use this tool to achieve their conservation goals.


Some places in Minnesota Really Do Deserve Protection Forever


Consider this:

  • Over the coming decades, Minnesota’s population is expected to increase by 20% to nearly 6.5 million. With the recession over, real estate development is now starting to rebound.
  • Nearly 800,000 acres of Minnesota’s grasslands are expected to convert to cropland in the next few years and less than 1% of native prairie remains.
  • Wetland loss is particularly severe in the western prairie-pothole region of the state, where over 90% of wetlands are gone. This loss diminishes important wildlife habitat, impacts water quality, and increases flooding.

As nationally recognized leaders in private land protection, Minnesota Land Trust works all over the state of Minnesota to preserve our most treasured places. Since 1991, we've worked with landowners to protect forests, shoreline, prairie and more - providing wildlife habitat, clean water, outdoor experiences and scenic beauty for generations to come.